Acute Anxiety Disorder

acute anxiety disorderAdmittedly, modern life has produced many stressors from the home to the workplace. As such, many people have suffered and continue to suffer from mental illnesses of which the most common may well be acute anxiety disorder.

If one of your family members or circle of friends suffers from said anxiety disorder, there are things you can do to help him/her. Keep in mind that one of the pillars of effective treatment is a strong support system, of which you can be part of.

Signs to Spot

More often than not, the signs of an anxiety attack can be mistaken for other illnesses. It is thus very important to know beforehand that the individual does have anxiety disorder so as to adopt certain measures to mitigate it. And if you do know of this fact, you can detect the signs of an anxiety attack when the individual starts to exhibit irritability, moodiness and restlessness, all of which must be in uncharacteristic levels. Other signs to look out for in an attack of acute anxiety disorder include sudden shortness of breath, uncontrollable crying and itching, body tremors and facial twitches, as well as profuse sweating even when just sitting down.

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You must ask the person how he is doing in terms of his feelings at present. If there are complaints of extreme terror and stress, then it is time to step in and help the person overcome the internal attack.

Things to Do

Indeed, you have many options in helping an individual suffering from an anxiety attack to overcome it. First, you must reassure the individual that everything is just fine. Often, the sufferer feels an impending sense of doom that must be dispelled by gently pointing out the good things still happening all around him in spite of the bad things. It is also a good thing to remind the individual that everything in life passes and that whatever it is that he is afraid of will soon pass. This is especially true in cases when the acute anxiety disorder attack is triggered by unseen things or situations happening from a long distance.

Second, you can help the individual relax. You only need to tell the person to perform deep abdominal breaths, which will slow down the heart rate and lower the blood pressure. If possible, you should also perform the breathing exercise so as to show empathy. Also, if you can find a quieter place, then it will be better for the individual. This way, you can talk to him in gentler and quieter tones, not to mention that it can divert attention away from the sufferer. Keep in mind that you do not want to add to the individual’s anxiety by calling undue attention to his plight.

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Third, you can ask for his medications and the number of his doctor. This way, you have an emergency number to call should there be a need to call in the professional reinforcements. In many cases, however, this is not necessary particularly when the medications are up-to-date.

Indeed, you have a significant role to play in the treatment of an acute anxiety disorder attack. Just remember to be a friend to the person and it can be sufficient to alleviate the symptoms.

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