Anxiety Disorder Depression

Anxiety Disorder DepressionAnxiety disorder depression might seem like a heavy ailment for anyone. As a matter of fact, it is indeed a serious disorder, wherein the patient affected with this is both suffering from anxiety disorder and depression. Such cases can become so serious since there are two things that need to be combated by the patient suffering from it.

It is always said that prevention is better than cure, but if things could not be prevented, early detection of the symptoms can be of benefit to the patient. The later phases of this disorder involve difficulties on the side of the patient, so it can really make a difference if the disorder was prevented from getting to that point. Depression almost automatically comes along with anxiety, but having both can make a patient experience the relentlessness of both.

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Looking for the signs of anxiety disorder depression is similar to detecting the symptoms of anxiety disorder and depression. The main difference is that the symptoms are more magnified and occur in extreme conditions. Some of these are chest pains, diarrhea, fast heartbeat, fatigue, hot flushes, insomnia, tremors, upset stomach, and urges to urinate. Other than these physical signs, the patient also feels intense emotions that are negative in nature, such as hopelessness.

The more crucial cases of this disorder can make a patient fully withdraw himself away from any kind of social interaction. This can really incapacitate an individual from fully realizing himself, and because of too much fear, insecurity, and self-consciousness, the affected person can act like a mentally retarded patient.

An extreme case of anxiety disorder depression features a communication barrier. Telling the whole situation to the patient can prove to be a big task since the patient has turned away from all his social activities. Because of that, the gravity of the disorder’s impact cannot be taken lightly. It can be fatal in some cases, wherein there is a possibility of stroke or heart attack.

Other symptoms of the said disorder are abnormal nervousness, weakened focus, and the utter absence of will to give in to any form of treatment. It is indeed very tough to get through to people who are already at high stage of this disorder. Their perceptions on life have become distorted, giving them a feeling of despair and loneliness. They even come to the conclusion that life is no longer worth living, although they also fear of losing their respective lives. Thus, a psychological conflict is always present within them.

This does not necessarily mean though that suicide should be crossed out as there is still a likelihood that the patient will commit to it. At this point, it should be made clear that anxiety disorder depression should be taken very seriously.

The said disorder is destructive to a person’s development and wellbeing. If the symptoms are detected early on, make it a point to take action and consult a specialist or follow a treatment plan as soon as possible so that treatment will be easier for both the expert and the patient.

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