Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

anxiety disorder symptomsWithout a doubt, anxiety disorder symptoms differ from one individual to the next simply because there are many types of the mental illness itself. One individual may suffer from fear of all social situations while another individual may suffer from fear of public speaking alone. One person may worry about finances constantly and without reason while another worries about dirt and germs obsessively.

Physical and Emotional Symptoms

No matter the source of fearful anxiety, however, one constant remains true for all instances: persistent and severe fear and worry over situations and things that most people will not perceive as extremely threatening in any way. The symptoms of anxiety disorder can often be grouped into two – emotional and physical – although it must be emphasized that one often accompanies the other in varying levels of intensity.

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For emotional anxiety disorder symptoms, the most common are feelings of extreme apprehension even when no danger exists, trouble with concentration, tension even amidst a relaxing atmosphere, anticipation of a gloom and doom scenario, irritability at even the most trivial things and restlessness of spirit. Generally speaking, the agitation and anxiety levels are not appropriate for the situation at hand.

On the physical side, the feelings of impending doom trigger the body’s fight-or-flight response that, in turn, leads to the manifestation of physical symptoms. These include a faster heart rate with shortness of breath, breaking into cold sweats, an upset stomach coupled with feelings of diarrhea, frequent urination, body tremors and facial twitches, headaches, feelings of fatigue even after sufficient rest, and insomnia.

Keep in mind that these physical anxiety disorder symptoms can be felt either during anxiety attacks when faced with the feared situation or before the feared situation even happens.

These symptoms can be very debilitating to the individual that normal functioning is often impossible. Even just the thought of confronting the source of anxiety, if indeed it has a specific source, can trigger both the emotional and physical symptoms. The worst part is that these symptoms can last for days on end.

Treatment of Symptoms

Fortunately, modern science has made and continues to make advancements in the treatment of the many types of anxiety disorders. At present, there are two approaches in treatment – medications and psychotherapy. Most doctors will also recommend dietary and lifestyle changes to complement these medical interventions.

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Medications alleviate the physical anxiety disorder symptoms through their action on the chemistry of the brain and in the alleviation of the outward signs of an anxiety attack. For example, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors stimulate the production of neurotransmitters that play a big role in mood regulation while beta-blockers act on the relief from physical signs like tremors and fast heartbeat.

Psychotherapy involves mind conditioning and training to enable the individual to initially cope and eventually overcome the sources of anxiety. Among the types used are cognitive behavioral therapy and practical skills in the management of anxiety attacks like deep abdominal breathing.

Indeed, you can find significant relief from your physical and emotional anxiety disorder symptoms through using guides such as “Panic Away”, medications, psychotherapy, self-help methods as well as lifestyle and dietary changes. But first, you must consult with your doctor for a definitive diagnosis.

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