Chronic Anxiety Disorder

Chronic Anxiety DisorderAnxiety is normal feeling for people. In fact, feeling anxious from time to time can make you maintain your safety. However, being anxious for quite a long time can be devastating on many aspects of your life. In that case, you might be suffering from chronic anxiety disorder. This disorder lets your body secrete more adrenaline than what is necessary. This is because the person suffering from it feels like he is always threatened even with the most mundane situations, such as socialization, financial matters, or any other daily activity.

If you have been anxious for no big reason at all for a long time now, you might want to verify if you are suffering from a long-term anxiety disorder. It is not something that can just be shaken off in an instant. This disorder calls for serious attention because its impacts cannot just be neglected.

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Indeed, early detection and diagnosis is a good way to prevent chronic anxiety disorder from advancing to a higher phase. Some of the symptoms of this type of anxiety disorder are easy to detect, so in any case you suspect you are suffering from one and you are concerned with your wellbeing, take a look at some of these manifestations and see for yourself if you have them.

First is the nagging feeling of fear and apprehension. Although these are normal at some points, these can be considered as symptoms if they are starting to make a person less at ease with himself. Such feelings may be caused by school, work, family matters, and other everyday stuff.

Second, chronic anxiety disorder can bring about headaches, fatigue, and irritable bowel syndrome. As a matter of fact, some people only discover that they have this anxiety disorder after trying to find some cure to the physical ailments that it brings. Insomnia is also common to people who are affected by this disorder, which is a symptom that is typical to anxiety and stress related conditions.

Third, a person having a traumatic past is also a reason for him to go through this disorder. This can be repressed until flashbacks are triggered by anything in particular. Such trauma and episodes involve dizziness, faster heartbeat, and too much sweating. Because of this, the anxiety disorder can resurface any time.

If you have any of the aforementioned symptoms, then you should take action immediately to treat the condition. You can consider using a home based treatment plan (one that comes highly recommended is called Panic Away) or see an expert and undergo intensive therapy. By using either of these approaches you’ll be able to confirm if you really are suffering from chronic anxiety disorder. It is very uncomfortable to live with such a disorder, and it would not be advisable to keep avoiding the things that may cause anxiety attacks.

Although there are similarities in the symptoms of this anxiety disorder, two people may not always have the same experience as regards to it. Constant panic attacks or short-fused outbursts are still both considered under this category. The magnitude of it can vary from person to person, that is why it is important to maintain a careful scrutiny of the whole situation.

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