Signs of Anxiety Disorder

signs of anxiety disorderFor most human beings, it is normal to experience intense feelings of fear, anxiety and apprehension especially during times of mental and physical stress. However, it is when these intense feelings persist for long periods of time even when the danger to person and property has passed that these can be considered signs of anxiety disorder.

Contrary to popular concept, anxiety disorders are very common mental illnesses with millions of Americans, both adult and children, suffering from their debilitating effects. And the economy suffers, too, in terms of medication costs, worker absenteeism, job loss and substance abuse. Fortunately, there are ways to know and cope with the symptoms of anxiety disorder.

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Know the Signs

The symptoms of anxiety disorders differ from one individual to the next since there are many types of this mental illness. These types are general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, phobia, obsessive compulsive behavior, separation anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and panic disorder.

No matter the type, however, the signs of anxiety disorder often center on feelings of gloom and doom that can paralyze the person’s ability to function normally, to think clearly and to behave appropriately. Specific physical symptoms include cold sweating, facial twitches and body tremors, headaches and persistent feelings of fatigue while mental symptoms include excessive fear and anxiety as well as recurring negative thoughts.

If you are suffering from anxiety disorder, it is very important to know the signs as soon as they start so that you can adopt mitigating measures.

Coping with the Signs

And in knowing the signs, you have more power to cope with them. The first step is often acknowledging that you have a problem with uncontrollable and irrational anxiety. You will then be encouraged to talk about your feelings either with family and friends or with a professional therapist or both. Don’t wait for your signs of anxiety disorder to take over your life before seeking familial and professional support.

Guides such as Panic Away are very effective in diagnosing and treating anxiety as well. Along with getting professional help, you can help yourself a lot by using a treatment guide such as this.

Guides such as Panic Away and professional consultations provide you with advice on how to cope with your anxiety disorder in both the short-term and the long-term periods, usually with a combination of medications, psychotherapy, relaxation techniques, dietary and lifestyle changes and even hypnosis. It must be emphasized, however, that treatment options will only be effective if and when you decide to help yourself.

There are many things an individual suffering from anxiety disorder can do in case of anxiety attacks, which include the following:

  • Thinking of positive thoughts instead of giving in to the persistent negative thoughts
  • Reassuring yourself that things will be alright in the very immediate future
  • Remembering that your panic attack will soon pass
  • Relaxing by performing deep abdominal breaths

With these ways to combat the signs of anxiety disorder, it is very much possible to lessen the frequency and severity of the attacks. In turn, you will suffer less and less from this mental illness that, when coupled with the right medication and psychotherapy, can lead to almost a hundred percent treatment rate. Now, that should ease your anxiety for having an anxiety disorder.

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