Social Anxiety Disorder

social anxiety disorderThe dreadful effect of social anxiety expands its horizon in other aspects of the human behavior. One of the most commonly known types of this mental illness is social anxiety disorder. Millions of people are actually affected by this condition, often not knowing that they are actually developing in themselves a serious kind of behavioral problem. Hence, to help combat this disorder, it is important to know what it means, the different symptoms and signs and possible treatment for the problem.

This form of social disorder is referred to the fear of any social situations and interaction with other people. This fear automatically leads to feelings of intense self-consciousness, evaluation, judgment and inferiority. If you find yourself in excessively uncomfortable and worrisome situation just because you are attending a social gathering, party or any other group activities, then it is most likely that you are suffering from this illness.

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People who grow very anxious of going to social functions because of the feeling that they may be judged and assessed negatively by others are showing signs of social anxiety disorder. Developing these kinds of emotions is inevitably manifested in their feelings of irrational and excessive embarrassment, inadequacy, depression and humiliation. Thus, if you are extremely uncomfortable and anxious when you are in a social group while just normally fine when alone, means the problem is in line with this mental and behavioral issue.

This is also known as social phobia and it is actually divided into two specific categories known as the specific social anxiety and generalized social anxiety. The former means fearing to speak when front of a group of people while the latter is anxiety and nervousness in almost all sorts of social situations. The kind of problem encountered by people who have this disorder may lead to instances of indecision, and depression. In fact, it is considered one of the root causes of smoking and alcoholism cases in the United States alone.

There are several social situations dreaded by people who suffer from this type of mental issue. Excessive emotional distress is the common denominator which they usually feel in times when they are introduced to other people, criticized or teased, meeting those in authority or the VIPs, being watched when in the middle of a task or when becoming a center of attention.

Treating social anxiety disorder is known to have been developed and successfully performed in most cognitive-behavioral therapies. It initially needs persistence and consistency in the part of the patient to be effective and long-lasting. You need to find a specialist who has certified experience in helping people deal with this kind of behavioral problem. Psychotherapy, relaxation techniques and medication for more severe cases are great help for soothing this anxiety disorder.

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The best treatment or therapy program is one that provides patient necessary and specific techniques or strategies why and how they are going to practice the ways in dealing with this mental concern. It is important that they are led to the right ways of practicing and working on the process of developing rational thoughts, emotions and perceptions especially towards social events and activities.

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Everyone may feel anxious or nervous in social gatherings one way or another, however those with social phobia are experiencing these emotions in a higher and much disturbing level. Social anxiety disorder is indeed a crippling condition that needs to be treated right away.

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